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Aplikacje CRM ERP

ERP and CRM Software

The company's activity focuses primarily on developing software solutions for businesses. They are complex systems, which are often tailored to individual customer needs. This type of software must support the work of people at every level of business activity, therefore, each function is discussed with the person who will use it.

Most of the projects are run under Scrum methodology. For large projects, writing down the exact specifications at early stage is very difficult, so we take for granted the ability to extend the functionality of applications during the work.

Moodle & Totara e-learning

We have extensive experience in the implementation of projects based on Moodle and Totara. Our activities are focused on expanding the functionality of these systems by building plugins, blocks, custom course formats and themes. Please check my Moodle Developer website for more information.

3D visualizations

With the development of technology, 3D visualization on the website, the company offered solutions using this potential. It became possible to present data in the form of interactive and animated 3D visualization, which is often more understandable than tables of numbers.


Project management application

All the work on the project management application has been finished. Application was made at the request of Glassworks company. It is already second big application written for Glassworks company group.

Added by Bartosz Hornik on July the 7th 2016

Generating specification packaging

Creating and implementing application to create packaging specifications for Glassworks company has finished successfully. This application will also be used by branches in Great Britain and France.

Added by Bartosz Hornik on March the 3rd 2016

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